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Air purifiers

Poor indoor air quality can be a problem for many people. So how is the air in your home?

Here are some common characteristics that contribute to poor air quality:

Unpleasant pet odors
Annoying tobacco odors
Unappetizing cooking odors
Stale Air Bacteria
Mold Odors caused by fire damage
Kitchen and bathroom odors

Ultraviolet Benefits

Anti-Fungal Reduction—mold (Penicillium Funculosm) in ducts tested greater than 99.9%

Anti-Bacterial reduction—bacteria (Serratia Marcescens) in ducts tested greater than 98%

Ozone Benefits

Odor reduction—smoke, pet, musty and cooking
Freshens stale air

You'll Love Culligan Air!

Purifies the air in all the rooms of your home*
Combines ultraviolet light and ozone technologies in one complete system
Installs directly into air circulation system for silent and invisible operation
Unit treats up to 3,000sq.ft. or (278cu.ft./min at 70F, 55% RH)
Reduces the survival of airborne bacteria greater than 98%**
Reduces smoke, pet and cooking odors
Freshens stale air
Ozone odor control only active when air is flowing
For indoor use only

*Based on central HVAC system. Each system requires a CulliganAir unit.

**Reduces survivability of only those bacteria and mold that are in close proximity to the UV lamp in the air duct. Does not affect organisms elsewhere in your home.

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