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Culligan Hannibal - Commercial Needs

Commercial Needs

Commercial Water Treatment Systems
Culligan Commercial Solutions brings together application engineering, innovative products, and technical service to reduce operating costs and improve customer experiences. For every use — from water that mists produce in grocery stores to hotel washing machines — Culligan Commercial Solutions provides customers complete solutions that are cost-effective.

Culligan Commercial provides solutions for:

  • Food Service/Restaurants
    Flexible Culligan systems save restaurants money, reduce use of chemicals and detergents, and can increase overall equipment efficiency and life. Boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, steamers, steam tables, beverages, and ice machines all benefit from treated water.
  • Hospitality / Lodging
    Culligan customers in the hospitality industry can realize substantial benefits by using treated water in boilers, hot water heaters, cooling towers, food service, laundry, and vended services. Culligan's water treatment systems help uphold quality standards while adding value to your business.
  • Educational Facilities
    From colleges and universities to elementary and high school settings, Culligan’s educational water treatment products and solutions provide benefits the entire school can appreciate.
  • Small Manufacturers
    Culligan knows a consistent flow of high-quality water is vital for successful manufacturing. Culligan systems offer options such as reverse osmosis, softening, ion exchange, deionization, and multi-media filtration to produce high-quality influent to promote consistent production.
  • Healthcare Professionals
    Clinics, patients, and healthcare workers get more than just great-tasting water from Culligan systems. Each customized solution allows Culligan to tailor water treatment to your particular needs for substantial cost savings and improved patient and employee experiences.
  • Grocery
    Culligan is a global leader in water treatment solutions, providing advanced technologies and cost-effective solutions for grocery, discount stores, and other retailers. Each Culligan solution is tailored to your needs by a Culligan Application Engineer, for point-of-entry (POE), point-of-use (POU), and vended drinking water solutions.


Culligan Commercial Solutions features revolutionary designs for commercial water treatment completely customizable to your business needs. From design to installation, our speed-to-market system helps to achieve faster results and better return on investment with complete commercial solutions.

Culligan Hannibal - Commercial Needs

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