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Culligan Hannibal - Industrial Necessities

Industrial Necessities

Culligan Industrial Water Treatment Systems
Culligan has over 80 years of experience as a global provider of end-to-end water treatment solutions for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, energy and power, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemical processing, and custom engineered solutions. From the water used in oil field steam injection to the high-purity water used in pharmaceutical production, Culligan answers the distinct needs of industrial customers with an individualized approach through on-site surveys, analysis, and expert service.

Culligan Industrial provides solutions for:

  • Food and Beverage
    Culligan systems produce high-quality water to leaders in the food and beverage industry. These comprehensive platforms are ideally suited for ingredient, fluid-mixing, process, and utility water.
  • Healthcare / Hospitals / Biopharmaceuticals
    Biopharmaceutical producers demand high-quality water with the fewest dissolved solids possible, for consistency in a variety of processes. Culligan modules include technologies that process water through softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, and continuous electro-deionization. These modules can produce multi megohm-cm, or ultra-pure water, for consistency in lab experiments. Systems also feature UV sanitization and sterilization to reduce contamination and microbiological growth.
  • Manufacturing
    The revolutionary modularity of Culligan solutions is a flexible option for improved ROI. With an initial on-site water analysis, Culligan Engineers select the water treatment modules, materials, and installation options necessary to create the best solution for your needs. On-site consultations consider the individual production requirements, budgetary concerns, capital, and operating costs associated with water treatment.
  • Energy and Power
    Culligan solutions are highly integrated, customizable systems designed to meet the requirements of energy and power producers. Beginning with a water and site analysis, Culligan Engineers design one unique modular system to be your end-to-end water treatment solution. Systems can be skid-mounted or contained on flatbeds in the field for total mobility. This flexibility is ideally suited for peaking plants in remote areas requiring durable materials for power grids.
  • Municipal and Community Drinking Water
    ulligan features modular technologies that can be readily mixed, matched, and tailored to varied feed water conditions to help meet municipal and community water treatment needs. A combination of ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, and disinfection technologies can be used to inhibit bacteria and help provide quality water.
  • Oil and Gas
    Water treatment solutions to protect and enhance industrial operations. Cutting-edge water technology for oil and gas operations facilitates increased profitability and improved commercial competitiveness.

Culligan's revolutionary modular design makes it one of the most complete systems that's completely customizable to your needs. Each end-to-end solution begins with our water quality experts and treatment technicians, from our EPA-Certified Lab, conducting an on-site water analysis to determine which solution will meet your water and process requirements.

Culligan Hannibal - Industrial Necessities

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