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Culligan Hannibal - Water softeners

Water softeners

From spending too much money on laundry detergents and softening agents to constantly battling dry skin and dull, lifeless hair, you need the ultimate solution to your hard water problems: The Culligan Water Softener.

Our Culligan water softeners reduce scale build-up. Most importantly, a Culligan water softener means better water throughout your entire house.

Culligan water softeners provide top of the line protection against the numerous problems that hard water can pose to a household. Our durable and efficient softeners are the best solution to the poor water quality that effect so many of us.

Culligan Water Softeners are good for your entire house and all of your water.

Good for bathrooms, by eliminating soap residue:

  • Bathing and showering will feel wonderful
  • Dry skin and hair will improve
  • You'll spend less money on costly lotions and hair care products

Good for laundry rooms:

  • Your clothes will look whiter and brighter, feel softer on your skin, and last longer
  • Use less laundry soap

Good in your kitchen!

  • Your glassware will be spot free
  • Dishes, flatware, pots and pans will sparkle
  • General kitchen cleanup becomes easier because soap rinses right off

Everything will be cleaner!

You'll spend less time cleaning because soap film won't stick to:

  • Bathtubs
  • Chrome fixtures
  • Showers stalls or doors

No more clogged pipes and hot water heaters. Hard water creates a buildup of scale in your plumbing. When pipes get clogged, water is delivered slower throughout your home. Some of your appliances, such as hot water heaters, will last longer and need fewer repairs with softened water.

Our softeners remove the materials that make your water hard and causes scaly buildup on utensils, porcelain and even your skin! Advanced features help you save money by using less salt, water, and electricity. A Culligan Water Softener practically pays for itself. The average family saves $71.00 per month because they use less soap, detergent, electricity, and gas for the water heater. A Culligan water softener delivers soft, conditioned water which doesn't promote scale buildup in pipes, offering you better water flow and saving you money on costly plumbing repairs.

Culligan Hannibal - Water softeners

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